Picture in Oil on canevas
200 x 130 cm
© 1980


 Picture donated to the President Belisario Betancur
to do part of the "Betancur's Collection" and for to be exhibit permanently in the Central Gallery of the Nariño's Palace,
 Bogota, Colombia,







January 30  2012

"Nlack Christ"
Oil on Canevas
200 x 130 cm
© Zamor 1980




Mr. President
President of the Colombian Repúblic



Mister President, 


Instead of doing a Law of Request (In exercise of the article 23 of the Political Constitution and of Law 397 of 1997, Modified by the law 1185 of 2008), I prefer to write a PUBLIC LETTER directed respectfully to You.

I act in my own name as Guillermo ZAMOR, Artist author of the work “THE BLACK CHRIST“, which was donated to Nariño's Palace by the Reverend father Rafael García-Herreros, my uncle by my mother, when there was exercising the presidency Belisario Betancur.

I want to request you publicly attention to obtain Official information of the whereabouts of my work “The black Christ”, because they have passed seven years from my first request to the president Álvaro Uribe (On July 25, 2005: Annexed 1) without up to the date I has had any news wherefrom it is and without knowing officially if the donation has fulfilled his purpose: “To be always exposed in the Nariño’s palace “.

The information that I could get, not officially, is that the picture was moved from his place of foreseen exhibition to the National Museum, by the order of the President Virgil Barco, where it remained several years. In 1994 I obtained the permission of entry to the Nariño’s Palace, thanks to the president Julio César Turbay, in order that a professional photographer could do a capture of "The Black Christ ". In that moment they found it in the warehouses of Nariño's Palace. Today, 28 years after having given this work for explicit request of the president Betancur to collaborate with the Colombian culture, “The Black Christ " continues rotting in the warehouses of the Palace.

My request is simple: “THE BLACK CHRIST“ there was donated expressly for the called " Betancur’s Collection ", to create a Gallery with works of acquaintances artists of the Colombian plastic arts, recognized internationally, with headquarters in the Tapestries’ Gallery of the Nariño’s Palace. Since the aim of the above mentioned Collection was not respected, neither recognized by his successor in the presidency, Virgilio Barco, as the following ones, the donation loses his purpose.

In consequence of the previous thing, in my own name I, Guillermo ZAMOR, I ask you with all my respect, that as my work is not fulfilling his purpose, it will be returned to me, in order that it fulfills the aim for what an integral artist looks with all his creations, to make them being exposed, valued and spread, even more when they have been the object of a donation with cultural purposes.

I want to clarify that during the whole process of this donation, and the following years, I was living in France, country of which also I am citizen.

I appreciate your attention to this message. I know in advance that the government is going to answer me that a donation is not reversible. But there are donations and donations. I was employed one year at “The black Christ”, as an honoring to the black race, which so much I admire, to the model who posed for this picture and who delivered me his soul to do it, to the History and to the Religion.

If the topic of the picture, for being a nude and for being of black race is the reason for not to be exposed, in this way it is condemned to live locked up. They must not have received it if racist or moral prejudices prevent his artistic valuation. Many persons in the world would receive a great message of love, of solidarity, of comprehension, if they had access to the contemplation of this image.

Other wise, I want to represent with this letter all the artists who, with big difficulties, we manage to survive if we want to be upright, and that we try to collaborate with causes over our levels to be humiliated publicly.

Of the gentleman President, 




Guillermo  ZAMOR


"Black Christ"
Oil on Canevas
200 x 130 cm
© Zamor 1980



"The Black Christ" goes 28 years enclosed in the warehouses of he Presidential Palace in Colombia

According to the contract of the President Betancur with the father García-Herreros,
 who represented ZAMOR in the delivery,

the picture had to remain always exposed in the Palace Nariño or,

in opposite case, to be returned to his author.
( Zamor was living in this moment in France)


to the Open Letter to the President of Colombia      Anexos

Anexo 1: Letter from Zamor to the President Alvaro Uribe (10 july 2005)  to get news
about the picture "The Black Christ".
Anexo 2: The response of the Secretary of President Alicia Arango Olmos
Anexo 3: Cuts of newspaper for the donation in  “El Tiempo” y “El Espectador” from 2 august 1984 and from “25 years ago", newspaper “El Tiempo” el 1 august 2009.
Anexo 4: Picture of "The Black Christ".



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